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Tips for Cautious Computer Use

Deleting Basic Browsing History

  • Click Tools -> Delete Browsing History (or Ctrl+Shift+Del)
  • Make sure the following items are checked:
       Preserve Favorites website data
       Temporary Internet files
  • Press the Delete button at the bottom. Note that this will delete all of your browsing history.
  • Alternately you can open your History (Favorites Button then History Tab) and delete your browsing history for today or select only pages you've viewed related to the investigation.
  • If you used the Search Box in IE, there is a feature that suggests sites as you type. This is based on your previous browsing history. You can disable suggestions or more simply type the first few letters of the phrase you used to find us. You should see a suggestion for a full phrase. To the left of that phrase is a red X. Click the X to remove this suggestion.
  • If you found us through Google or use the Google Toolbar your history may be recorded by Google. Go to and look in the upper right corner. If you see a username (email address) then you are still logged in to Google and they may be recording your browser history also. Click Settings and then Google Account Settings under it. On the Account Settings page near the bottom you'll see Web History. Click that and make sure Web History collection is paused.
  • These steps will help conceal your investigation efforts
  • If using IE 8, next time turn on InPrivate Browsing (Tools -> InPrivate Browsing or Ctrl+Shift+P) when viewing any web content related to your investigation.

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