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Employee Background Investigations

Save Money Avoiding Costly Bad Hires

It's impossible to determine a person's background from a simple job interview. The cost of hiring the wrong person is often many times their annual salary. When you're hiring for key positions you need to conduct a complete background investigation.

If you employ those who work with heavy machinery, drive your vehicles, or work with children, then it's even more important to verify the identity and history of each individual that you employ. These types of employees could easily expose your business to seven-figure liability and background checks may even be required by your insurance company.

At TSG we're experts on background investigation, including criminal history, employment verification, driving record, education verification, SSN verification, sex offender/terrorist list searches, interviews, social, internet, and much more. We perform corporate background checks with the same thoroughness that we use when performing top secret background investigations for government agencies.

Get the facts about potential employees before you make a costly hiring decision. In today's tough job market, desperate candidates will do most anything to get ahead. Don't get caught with false employment or education history, worse yet with hidden criminal history. Our background investigations are quick and inexpensive, especially when consider the cost of fixing a hiring mistake.

Please note that for credit/financial background or SSN verification we do require written authorization from the subject.

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