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Asset Investigations

Locating Undisclosed, Hidden, and Transferred Assets

In these troubling economic times debtors have become increasingly competent at hiding assets from their creditors. There are a variety of methods used to illegally protect or shelter all types of assets, including bank accounts, stocks, bonds, houses, cars, boats, and much more. We cut through the nonsense and find tangible assets to garnish.

Whether you are enforcing a judgment for civil litigation, child support, divorce, probate, or a legal settlement, the experts at The Surveillance Group can help recover the money owed to you by locating transferred, unknown, or previously undisclosed assets and financial instruments.

Contingency-Based Asset Investigations

Performing asset investigations on subjects who are intentionally trying to hide assets can be difficult and time consuming. At TSG we’ve come up with a better way of conducting these types of lengthy investigations. Instead of paying hourly fees, we accept select cases on a performance/contingency basis. We collect a small fee for our initial research and planning, and then we take on the full costs of the investigation. We only get paid when we find assets.

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