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Cheating Spouse Computer Investigations

Domestic Investigations: Cheating Spouses, Affairs, and Infidelity

If you’re thinking about starting a domestic investigation we understand your pain and want to help make things right. It is a very difficult situation, but you deserve to know the truth, even it’s painful.

Computer investigation is often the easiest, most economical way to conduct domestic investigations because so many affairs are coordinated using the computer. We use advanced monitoring software to capture relevant communications and pinpoint the times and locations for surveillance rather than spending many hours following mundane movements.

Note for unmarried couples: It is against the law to monitor a computer without the express permission of the owner. Therefore we must have the permission of the owner or a lawful order to investigate any computer.

The more information you can provide prior to commencing a domestic investigation, the quicker, more definitive, and less expensive that investigation will be. We work for individuals directly as well as through attorneys. We are always professional and keep all records and results strictly confidential.

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