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Employee Theft, Fraud, &
Corporate Espionage Investigations

Is Someone Stealing from your Company?

One of the inherent risks of doing business and trusting employees with management of currency and valuable goods is that of employee theft, fraud, or espionage. TSG specializes in helping corporations identifying and correcting areas of susceptibility as well as investigating security breaches, intrusions, and theft of property or information.

Our areas of expertise include theft of physical property as well as cash or financial instruments, intellectual property, proprietary business information, and other valuable data. We are experts in computer, database, and network system security and can monitor or investigate your information technology and access control systems for potential breaches or to identify the sources of loss.

If you've been a victim of employee theft/fraud, or suspect something is going on, then call the experts at TSG right now for a free consultation.

Please note that we cannot monitor or investigate computer, network, or database systems without the express permission of the owner.

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