The Surveillance Group - Private Investigators & Security

Maryland Private Investigation Services

Off-Duty Police Security

Armed Investigators

Human Resources Investigations

Private Process Service

Background Investigations

Remote Monitoring & Evidence Collection

Domestic Investigations:

Cheating Spouses/Infidelity
Suspicious or Problematic Teenagers

Corporate Computer Use:

Personal Use of Computer Systems
Corporate Fraud/Theft Investigation
Corporate Espionage

Software/Security Independent Verification & Validation:

Malicious Content, Backdoors, & Trojan Horses
Mobile Device Investigations

Please note: We recommend cyber crime investigation commence as close to the incident as possible. Many service providers only maintain records vital to obtaining a conviction for a short period of time.

Other Services:

  • Domestic Surveillance
  • Armed/Unarmed Security
  • Self-Defense & Personal Protection Lessons
  • Fraud/Theft Investigation
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Background Investigation
  • Fingerprinting
  • Process Service

The Surveillance Group can provide the complete package of investigation and protective services, including off-duty police security, human resources and background investigations to electronic and in-person surveillance for investigations all across Maryland and surrounding areas.

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We are Licensed Private Investigators in the State of Maryland each with decades of experience in law enforcement and security.

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